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Sled dog competitions

One weekend a year we have a competition in Knegsel (Eindhoven) and it is always in the last weekend of October. The international sled dog competition Kivo Kempentrail is one of the largest dryland competitions in the Benelux. With more than 150 starters from home and abroad every year.  


It will start in different classes from running with a dog to teams of 12 dogs and more.

Over 1000 dogs will be present during the weekend.

The Kivo Kempentrail is freely accessible to the public, and it is also a great outing for the whole family. You can see the dogs running by on the trail, but the stake out (where all the dogs are) is also freely accessible to the public.

Through the  IFSS  membership, the SSC-NL is affiliated with the world sports association, whereby all recognized sports according to the  international sports laws  are accommodated.

This is the  GAISF , the General Association of International Sports Federation. The GAISF is again directly under the IOC, International Olympic Committee. It  International Olympic Committee  (IOC) was founded on June 23, 1894 and heads the Olympic Movement. The organization is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The president of the IOC is the German Thomas Bach, who was elected successor to the Belgian Jacques Rogge in 2013. 

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Why is the competition called KIVO Kempentrail

The Kivo Kempentrail is so called because  KIVO PET FOOD  owner Cor van Loon has had a warm heart for the Sledehonden Sport Club Nederland since the competition was founded about 30 years ago. The Kivo Kempentrail has become a major concept in the sled dog world, partly due to the collaboration with Kivo Petfood.

Cor van Loon is in 1986 in the shed of his  father-in-law Bert  started working in the Schoolstraat in Veldhoven. In 1990 Cor van Loon took over Kivo Petfood and expanded it further. Kivo Petfood got more and more points of sale, even throughout the Benelux!


Today there is a bustling production center in a town near Eindhoven, where Grandpa Bert's grandchildren are at the helm. They often think back to their grandfather and never forget the craft and authenticity he put into the products. These two essential ingredients are always at the top of the recipe list. All products are still produced with a lot of knowledge about the carnivore existence.


It  Product Range  is quite extensive, but every product has the same way of thinking as their grandfather: honest and natural food without frills. Something that is unfortunately no longer so obvious these days. They are proud of this and are happy to share this with everyone who cares about dogs and cats.

We at the SSC-NL are also proud that we can carry the name Kivo Kempentrail and that the current owners Esmee and Rick van Loon still stand behind our club after all these years.


For more information about the products of Kivo Petfood  click here .

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Sport Club Nederland

Doelstelling van de SSC-NL is de sledehondensport te bevorderen, in de ruimste zin des woord. 

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