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For request DID number you can send us a  e-mail  to steer.

General information - DID number IFSS

A DID must be requested by a Voting National Member or a Provisional Federation of Members on the Registration Form below. The DID season runs from June 1 to May 31 every season. A DID must be requested for each season.

Why a​​ license?
In many other sports there are professional classes with elite athletes and other events and classes with adults, juniors, etc. such as football, baseball, ice hockey, ski, biathlon and other racing sports.

In our sport it is not possible to​​ “own” or “best of the best” race for the top performers. The sport is too small and the top athletes have to start in the same competition in the same class as all the other participants.

Therefore, a licensing system (DID – Driver Identification Number) is needed to distinguish between the athletes who want to attend the World Cup and the other participants in a class.

Accurately identifying an athlete with a DID number prevents confusion with first and last names, similar names or attempts to identify by country, all of which can be registered incorrectly.

DID facility

Any athlete who wishes to participate in the World Cup and earn international points or participate in the World or Continental Championships or in the Masters must have a DID. The DID is requested from IFSS by the voting national or provisional member. With this system, IFSS has the guarantee that the athlete is part of a well-known organization. A DID can only be applied for by a voting National or Provisional Member and never by an athlete himself.


The DID will exist​​ consisting of a 3-character country code (the same one used by the IOC to identify countries) followed by a 4-digit number. The number is automatically assigned by the DID system when the participant is validated by the DID coordinator.

A competitor's DID will remain the same each season as long as he/she renews his/her DID registration in the same country. But it is only valid in a particular season from the date the payment of the registration for that season is received by the IFSS.

The DID registration gives access (with a specific login) to various information about the participants and his/her sled dog sports activities (see separate information for details).

DIDs are assigned by IFSS to identify individual drivers for the World Cup, World or Continental Championships and the Masters. Any driver who takes part in an IFSS accredited race and holds a valid DID will receive IFSS World Cup points. Drivers without valid ID are allowed to participate in accredited races, but will not receive World Cup points. In the World or Continental Championships and the Masters, the DID is required to have a​​ to register a pilot.

DID fee
The DID rate includes participation in the IFSS World Championships, IFSS Continental Championships, IFSS Masters, IFSS World Cup, IFSS Continental Cup events (prize money, medals, certificates…), information for athletes and information on federated events of the respective year. A percentage of the fee is used to support the Continental Cups. This only applies to the continent where the DID was applied for. If a DID has not been requested from a continent, there will be no support for the continental cup.

The DID fee is set annually by the IFSS Council. It is 45 € for the 2021/2022 season.

The new season starts on June 1, 2021.

Sport Club Nederland

Doelstelling van de SSC-NL is de sledehondensport te bevorderen, in de ruimste zin des woord. 

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