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Angelique Verhaegen


The secretary falls under the responsibility of the general meeting. Under the secretary are the members and the volunteer administration.

Purpose: ensures responsible management of the secretarial processes of the Foundation.

A secretary is also characterized as the memory of the organization. The secretary position is one of the administrative pillars of the organisation. The secretary is responsible for collecting, organizing and storing information. The secretary must also be aware of what is going on among the volunteers, in order to be able to respond to the needs of the volunteers.

The following aspects are part of the secretary's profile:

•    Be accurate and orderly;
•    Be able to travel with the computer;
•    Have communication skills;
•    Be able to distinguish main and side issues;
•    Having fun in paper.


•     Prepares (together with the chairman) an agenda for board meetings;
•    Prepares (together with the chairperson) the meetings;
•    Records the meetings;
•    Handles correspondence and e-mail with third parties. Also often writes the press releases;
•    Keeps the (clipping) archive;
•    Is responsible for the membership administration;
•    Provides important information to the board, committees, members, etc.

Time allocation: the time allocation is weekly at your own discretion. Formally, the secretary must adhere to the annual planning, annual meeting and other agreements made within the association. Informally, the secretary can hold discussions with sponsors.

Sport Club Nederland

Doelstelling van de SSC-NL is de sledehondensport te bevorderen, in de ruimste zin des woord. 

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