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Sled dog competition Unterjoch, Germany, BWSC

In good spirits, some of our members left for Unterjoch Germany last week for another competition in the snow! The journey there was already quite an undertaking for some, but all teams managed to appear at the start on Saturday. And, with quite a bit of success!

After the first day Cindy Pool was the absolute number 1 in the 2-dog class with more than 30 seconds ahead of the number 2. Niels Havenaar was third in the 2-dog class, 1 minute behind Cindy, but also ran with a hound and a husky. Ard van Dijk was allowed to attribute himself 7th place in the same class.

Stefan Donker, in the 6-dog class, took 2nd place, but 12 seconds behind the number 1. Ron de Ruiter, also in the 6-dog class, took 12th place. Arie Verschoor, also in the 6-dog class, finished in second to last place, but this is because unfortunately due to blown conversions, he walked the 8-dog trail and thus made much more kilometers than the other participants in his class .

The trail was difficult, with many climbs, descents and crooked parts. There were quite a few falls and teams went wrong, so we can be extra proud of these achievements of our members! And, after all, there will be a 2nd day of competition... right?...

In the evening and at night, the participants already suspected that the 2nd day of competition would be an even more difficult one. Strong wind and rain passed over the stake out and indeed, early in the morning this feeling was confirmed. The 2nd day of competition was even cancelled, for at least the 6 and 8-dog class. The runners in the 2-dog class have bravely dared themselves to go on the trail one more time. In terms of results, this enabled Ard to climb up 3 places in the standings, so that he finished in 4th place. Cindy and Niels managed to hold on to their 1st and 3rd place.

Congratulations especially to Cindy Pool, 1st 2-dog class, Stefan Donker, 2nd 6-dog class and Niels Havenaar, 3rd in 2-dog class, but to everyone who braved and survived this challenge because it was not an easy race!

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