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IFSS ECH & EM Leipa 2022

November 9-13.2022


German Federation of Sled Dog Sports VDSV

The German Federation of Dog Sledding Sports VDSV e.V., its member SSV Sachsen and finally the Nature Park "Glücksburger Heide" is proud of the opportunity to host the most important IFSS dryland event in 2022 - the European Championships 2022!

With four days of racing competition in all dryland classes including the final relay we will present the event at a high level. Raise the level and give the sport we love the promotion and publicity it needs while not forgetting the mushers and conditions for a good and fair competition!

In addition to the fast trails and the beautiful nature that Leipa and the "Glücksburger Heide" can offer, we present live video broadcasts, live results and other highlights.

Championships IFSS

Selection criteria have been drawn up in order to participate in the IFSS and WSA championships. The World and European Championships are not just competitions. Here the best of each country compete against each other and as a musher you must be skilled enough not to get in the way of others.

When registering, we ask you to send us your best results from the past 2 years. These results will be assessed by the Sports Committee.

If there are more than 3 registrations in the class you want to participate in, the selection criteria below apply in order of importance:


1- Selection competition: KIVO, mandatory competition, provided a good reason for cancellation, which is assessed by a committee.

2- Direct participation: Top 5 in the dryland World Cup or European Championship run for 3 years.

3- Top 10 dryland competition in the same class at the World Cup or European Championship in the past 2 years

4- Have run at least 2 dryland competitions within 150% of the 1st place in the past 2 years

5- Longest member has priority

Due to the expected many registrations for the European Championship Dryland in Leipa in the monosports (canicross, bike, step) you must have run 2 selection competitions prior to the event. 1 mandatory selection competition is the Kivo Kempentrail. The other match may be chosen by oneself, but the results thereof must be forwarded to the board.

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