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Anita stein


General board member

Anita van Steijn

General board member

The general board member falls under the general meeting and the chairman,
secretary and treasurer.

It is important that a general board member feels a connection with the organization. A general board member must also have competences that contribute to the board. In board decisions, a general board member must be able to form his own opinion.
Purpose: a general board member sits on the general board and does not have a fixed board position. It is possible to take up a special specialism as a general board member.

Actively participates in the board

Determines in line with the policy formed by the board
Assists within the board
Replaces, if necessary, another board member
Develops where possible in the field of board and committee tasks
Mapping the supply of volunteers
Creating job descriptions
Planning, executing and evaluating recruitment campaigns
Drafting advertisements for available vacancies
Holding welcome talks with new volunteers
Taking care of an introductory and induction plan
Conducting a conversation with volunteers who stop
Consultation with (groups of) volunteers

Taking care of thanking/appreciating volunteers
Handling questions and complaints from volunteers
Informing volunteers about relevant developments

Sport Club Nederland

Doelstelling van de SSC-NL is de sledehondensport te bevorderen, in de ruimste zin des woord. 

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