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Daphne van der Laan van Maastrigt



Angelique Verhaegen


The treasurer is subject to the general meeting. Under the treasurer is the cash control committee.

Responsible for the monitoring and progress of the financial affairs within the Foundation

The treasurer translates the policy into money. In the profile of the treasurer, pleasure in dealing with numbers and feeling connected with the organization is paramount.



  • Prepares and monitors the annual budget;


The budget is a summary of all costs that are expected in the coming year. Fixed costs, costs of basic activities and costs of special activities are included in the budget.


  • Monitors incoming and outgoing cash flows;


In order to monitor the incoming and outgoing cash flows, the budget must be realistic and the costs must be analyzed regularly.

  • Prepares the annual financial report;

  • Translates policy and activities into money and into information about possibilities and impossibilities;

  • Takes care of expenses and volunteer allowances;

  • Arranges insurance, tax and legal affairs;

  • Convenes the cash audit committee.

Sport Club Nederland

Doelstelling van de SSC-NL is de sledehondensport te bevorderen, in de ruimste zin des woord. 

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